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  • Ladine Scalp Treatment

    Scalp Treatment: 200g – pH5.5
    • A fusion of Baobab,Menthol,Tea Tree oils and Natural ingredients.
    • The finest leave-in treatment
    • Soothing scalp relief that cools and relieves dry and irritated scalp.
    • It relieves eczema and psoriasis and assist with regeneration of skin cells.
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  • Ladine | At Root Treatment


    At root treatment: Braids & Weaves with Ylang Ylang Oil pH 5.5

    • Protects the root area from the tension resulting from braiding
    • Strengthening and moisturizing the hair root making it stronger and less likely to break.
    • Redifue-free,anti-itch treatment.
    • Stimulates the hair root
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  • Ladine | Deo – Dreads

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  • Ladine | Hair Softener

    Hair Softer: Best for Children’s hair
    • No detangling with this non-sticky,non-oily,leave-in conditioner
    • Rosemary Oil that moisturizes and smoothens dry and brittle hair
    • Leaves your hair soft ,full of shine and easy to brush
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  • Ladine | Mould-Dreads

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  • Ladine | Oil Moisturizer

    5 out of 5
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  • Moroccanoil extra volume conditioner

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  • Moroccanoil Extra-Volume-Shampoo

    Extra Volume Shampoo
    • Has a lightweight and volumising formula infused with Tilicine and other ingredients designed to penetrate the hair and plump up the cuticle from the inside out.
    • It provides shine, manageability and movement without weighing the hair down. Recommended for fine or limp hair.
    • Safe for all hair types andĀ colorsĀ 
    • Enriched with Argan oil and other revitalising nutrients that protect and nourish – Sulfate, phosphate and paraben-free – Adds body and volume to fine hair.
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